Vote NO on the Recall

California voters, here's important information you need to know about the upcoming Recall Election:

1. You're going to get a ballot mailed to you during the week of Aug 16. Do NOT ignore it.

2. The ballot only has two questions. The first is whether Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled. We recommend you vote NO. (More on that below.)

3. The second question asks which of 40+ candidates should replace Newsom. We recommend you leave this blank. (More below.)

4. Return the ballot right away. Election day is Sept 14, but don't put it off and risk forgetting. Also, tell your friends and family.

So why vote NO on the recall? Because 62% of CA voters elected Governor Newsom to do the job. And anyone who wants to challenge him can run during the regularly scheduled election next year.

Also, despite the frustrations of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers who back the recall, CA's pandemic safety policies have prevented the runaway Covid case rates that states like TX and FL are now experiencing. The state also has a budget surplus and is using that money to assist those hit hardest by the pandemic.

This is what the majority of Californians want.

Yet the GOP is trying to undermine the majority by forcing this confusing, off-year election where the winner doesn't need a majority of the vote.

And what about those 40+ candidates? Not a single one is qualified to run the the most populous state and the world's 5th largest economy.

In fact, the Republican Party chose NOT to endorse any of them. The leading GOP candidate, according to the latest polling, has no government experience, thinks the minimum wage should be $0, and has been pushing vaccine skepticism.

And this person wouldn't even need 51% of the vote. They'd just need to beat the other candidates -- meaning a very, very small percentage of voters could choose the next Governor of CA.

That's not how democracies should work. When you get your ballot this month, don't ignore it. Vote NO

Poway Democratic Club